Speaking Engagements

In the last few years, I have been honored to receive invitations for various events around the world to give presentations, lectures and classes on music in film and television. I am looking forward to continue touring and learning from participants.

November 2016: ‚What About Film Music?‘ – HKU University of the Arts; Utrecht, Netherlands

July 2017: ‚Film Music – Conflicts and Frustrations‘ – Media Sound Hamburg; Hamburg, Germany

June 2018: ‚Film Music – Conflicts and Frustrations‘ – Media Sound Hamburg; Hamburg, Germany

November 2018: ‚Composing for Film‘ – ACCESS Music in Africa; Nairobi, Kenya

August 2019: ‚Film Music – Conflicts and Frustrations‘ – Media Sound Hamburg; Hamburg, Germany

November 2019: ‚Composing for Film‘ – ACCESS Music in Africa; Accra, Ghana

Reviews for The Struggle Behind the Soundtrack

My book, ‚The Struggle Behind the Soundtrack‘, published in August 2019, has garnered positive reviews from various magazines, professionals and university teachers. Here is a selection:

Randall Larson writes in his ‚BuySoundtrax‘ column:
„Eicke’s book is a very interesting one by investigating a topic not elsewhere covered in film music books and daring to point a spotlight at struggles that lie within the film music workplace. There’s enough information at hand here to warrant consideration, and to lend some understanding of conditions under which composers have to work.“

In the November issue of the Austrian film magazine ‚ray‚, Benjamin Moldenhauer judges:
„This book is an entertaining analysis of the working conditions for composers. It’s an especially lively read because it is built around interviews with 40 composers.“

„This is a very interesting book; the chapter on Hans Zimmer alone makes it worthwhile and I have to say I learned a lot from reading it. Recommended.“ Hellbound

„Great book!“ Joerg Magnus Pfeil, film composer

„This is a fantastic book, very well-written and with devastating (but true and important) inside knowledge. This is a must-read for any aspiring and professional media composer.“ Than van Nispen, composer and teacher at HKU, Netherlands

„If you are starting out as a composer, I highly recommend this book!“ Carly Paradis, composer

The Struggle Behind the Soundtrack

„The Struggle Behind the Soundtrack“ analyzes the current state of the film music industry. Published by McFarland in 2019, the book examines how composers, arrangers and sound designers work and which challenges they have to face. Stephan Eicke elaborates on temp tracks, sound design, ghostwriting, budgets and the set-up of Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions among other topics.
Drawing on exclusive interviews with more than 40 notable composers, this book gives an in-depth analysis of the industry and reveals the creative process behind the work of such artists as Klaus Badelt, Mychael Danna, Abel Korzeniowski, Walter Murch, Rachel Portman, Alan Silvestri, Randy Thom and others.

„The Struggle Behind the Soundtrack“ is available from McFarland

Cinema Musica

Stephan Eicke worked for the only European film music magazine, Cinema Musica, for nine years, four of which he served as the editor in chief. In the course of the years, he has written countless articles and reviews as well as conducted dozens of interviews. Here are only two writing samples.

Stephan Eicke hat neun Jahre für das einzige europäische Filmmusik-Magazin, Cinema Musica, gearbeitet, vier davon als Chefredakteur. Im Laufe der Jahre hat er zahllose Artikel und Rezensionen geschrieben sowie dutzende Interviews mit Komponisten geführt. Hier sind nur zwei Beispiele.

Interview with composer David Shire

Get the Wunderkind – The Life and Career of Roy Budd (English translation)


Over the course of his work life, Stephan Eicke has written articles, essays, reviews and conducted interviews for several magazines, among them ray, Cinema Musica, and Spatting Image. Beneath is an overview of the magazines which featured his articles from 2008 to 2016 only.

Im Laufe seines Arbeitslebens hat Stephan Eicke für mehrere Magazine Artikel, Essays und Rezensionen geschrieben sowie Interviews geführt. Zu ihnen gehören ray, Cinema Musica, und Spatting Image. Unten stehend ist eine Übersicht der Publikationen von 2008 bis 2016.

ray 12+1/2016

American Pastoral, Alexandre Desplat
Doctor Strange, Michael Giacchino
Ran, Toru Takemitsu

ray 11/2016

Denial, Howard Shore
Frantz, Philippe Rombi
Juste la fin du monde, Gabriel Yared

ray 10/2016

Se7en, Howard Shore
The Ten Commandments, Elmer Bernstein
The Light Between Oceans, Alexandre Desplat