Adam Resurrected

Music by Gabriel Yared
Produced by Stephan Eicke

“The composer develops his work in two distinct dramatic ways which don’t intersect but somehow engage in a dialogue that is gaining significance during the film. First there is the music for the apocalypse and horror of Nazi concentration camps; broken music, toxic music which creates an atmosphere where it’s unable to breathe. We fully enter the psyche of the protagonist, who is being driven mad and poisoned. The Kafkaesque nightmare consists of other music as well, which portrays the goodness, dignity and honor of the main character. Although these cues are afflicted and fragile, they are a light in the darkness, the oxygen that keeps the character alive with an emotional main theme.”

“The man clearly follows his own instinct and has a truly unique musical voice, and I admire that greatly. It’s because of Yared’s unique voice that you can never be too sure where the music will take you. And with Adam Resurrected… well, there are elements I don’t agree with, yet I find myself intrigued (and indeed: immersed) by Yared’s sound palette.”

“This is one of those scores that feels like it’s over way too quickly. There’s a lot of depth here that make this a soundtrack worth adding to your collection.”

“Gabriel Yared is an amazing artist and here for ‘Adam Resurrected’ it’s a great challenge to pull off music for a serious film, yet managing to keep us entertained and never loosing the heart of the film. It succeeds as we are drawn into the compassion and strength that is needed. Bravo… and thank you for this wonderful piece!”
Six Strings

“This is almost a concerto for violin, cello and electronic orchestra. It is not easily accessible, sometimes stifling or even oppressive at times, but the writing is precise, to the point of being clinical. Better to be warned.”

“It’s a very quiet, introspective score, but one immersed in feeling and humanity, very well preserved and presented on his CD from Caldera. It’s also quite a deft mixture of acoustic soloing and contemplative electronica.”

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