Birds Do It, Bees Do It

Music by Gerald Fried
Produced by Stephan Eicke

“Only one documentary has ever been Oscar-nominated for its musical score: this 1975 David L. Wolper production on the mating habits of animals, composed by Gerald Fried (who would later win an Emmy for Wolper’s Roots). Fried’s early example of a hybrid score — partly electronic, partly orchestral — served the little-seen doc perfectly.”

“Fried delivers a mix of classical and experimental music, always surprising and relevant. It’s a delight!”

“The contrast between the creepily electronic (“Aphids,” “Fight Aftermath/Wasp Embryo”) and the majestically orchestral (“Chimp Lullaby,” “Elephants and Lions”) and diverse nature in between makes for a very fine and thoroughly delightful listen, bookended by the glittering “Flowers Opening” at the start and the elegant “Waltz of the Grebe” at the conclusion. Highly recommended!”

“What struck me most about this release was how varied and intricate
each of the themes were. While not all of them instantly seem to fit
with the animals they are depicting this is mainly down to the fact that
Fried steers clear of cliches as much as possible. ‘Wasps’ is an
obvious exception to this, as the track opens with an eerie buzzing
sound. This is another winner from Caldera. Long may they continue to
unearth long forgotten gems like this.”

“Great score, some tracks are little freaky [good way]… I was listening as I worked around my house and at some-point I was immersed in the music I stopped working. It’s been a very long time since I was taken away into the music, very nice.”

“The composer wrote pure poetry; open and beautiful music in various
styles […] There is also more experimental music, avant-garde and
electronic, which is unorthodox and tries to capture animals in a
musical language.”

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