Music by Gabriel Yared
Produced by Stephan Eicke

“When you look for words to describe music, it’s hard to find other words than great… perfect or amazing… but when you are talking about composer great Gabriel Yared… those words stand out, here is another stand out piece and Caldera Records brings this to us all… and we should say thank you… THANK YOU!”

“LISA is one of those beautiful and meaningful orchestral scores that will leave a lasting mark. After listening to thousands of film and TV scores over the years, one of my strongest certainties is that when Gabriel Yared writes an orchestral score I will be touched and moved and I will be grateful. I am also grateful once again to the people at Caldera for bringing all these treasures to life and doing justice to compositions that should never be forgotten or ignored. We might not get a lot of releases from them each year but those we do get are, almost always, perfect in every way.”

“This is another jewel discovered by Caldera. Composed in 2001 to illustrate a tragic love set during the Second World War, the score offers a noble and poignant main theme. The emotional power of the strings and woodwinds is expertly used by Yared throughout the album. How can you be unemotional? It’s majestic!”

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