Not Afraid, Not Afraid

Music by Gabriel Yared
Produced by Stephan Eicke

“It is an excellent initiative to exhume this score for a film that was never released. Yared presents a lovely chamber music score, evoking childhood with fondness via memorable melodies, that are both touching and funny, and an instrumentation that leaves us in a sweet nostalgia.”

“I think “Not afraid not afraid” is one of Yared’s more experimental and varied compositions as there are moments when the orchestra almost seems to improvise, like in “Fire”; it’s a fascinating standalone listening experience, quiet and light, like a miniature of a film score. I for one I am happy to have a chance to discover it.”

“I have been enjoying the score “Not Afraid, Not Afraid” by composer Gabriel Yared… It’s subtle, filled with charm and a little perky at times.”

“The score has a warm main theme that is nostalgic and evocative. The music is warm and friendly and makes it easier to sympathise with a character who isn’t likeable at all.”

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