Music by Joe Kraemer
Produced by Stephan Eicke

“Kraemer’s music is lively, colorful, highly thematic and completely addictive. Bravo!”

“It’s necessarily a wall-to-wall but Kraemer keeps it constantly interesting; it’s also necessarily a small ensemble of approximately fifteen live players, but their work is deftly orchestrated and the small size accommodates the music with a very intimate presence, and a gorgeous main theme that opens from a few tentative rays before emerging fully into the glory of its melody – just like a sunrise. […] In its entirety as well as most of its more intimate musical moments, Joe Kraemer’s SUNRISE is a completely captivating work.”

“[SUNRISE] is structured around three central themes, one for the protagonist, delicate and fragile (wife), the other frivolous and self-assured (the lover) and the third one ambiguous (husband). These three themes are developed, creating a narrative for various situations. The score has moments of great intensity.”

““Sunrise” is a clever blend of orchestral and jazzy, a delightful assortment of symphonic dialogues and surprises and, if you want, a composer out-desplating Alexandre Desplat on his own often quirky orchestral turf. Do not miss this one.”

“It’s always a joy when we receive the latest score from Caldera Records. I like to clear my schedule so that I can just soak up the music without any distractions. I’d probably stick my neck out and say that this is their finest release to date. Joe Kraemer’s music is uplifting, memorable and energetic – not to mention diverse. A truly beautiful and memorable soundtrack. I don’t know how Caldera can top this one.”

“A charging rousing score, filled with plenty of high points and great amount of my favorite horns. Joe Kraemer like everything attacked this project and brought it too life and Caldera Records again amazes me, again and again!!”

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