The Italian Key

Music by Tuomas Kantelinen
Produced by Stephan Eicke

“Overall it’s a wonderfully enchanting and thematically beautiful score that’s well worth adding to your collection.”

“This music, which is especially beautiful, avoids the melodramatic and sweetened approach in favor of an emotional but austere tone. It is an elaborate and classy work.”

“The score can be sweepy and romantic while never overdoing it. It has the right amount of finesse and elegance to make the listening enjoyable and enriching. The Italian Key is a score worth checking out.”

“Most of the music tends to vacillate between affettuoso (with emotion) and lacrimoso (with tears). But it is a feel good movie after all, so the score thankfully also carries an infusion of hope and yearning, repeated just often enough to make it interesting. The quality was pleasurably consistent throughout the entire album. As heard on screen, the score was absolutely stellar.”

“A very beautiful score for piano and orchestra whose romantic melodies breathe life when Tuomas Kantelinen shows his emotions in a beautiful way. An excellent surprise!”

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