The Welts

Music by Adrian Konarski
Produced by Stephan Eicke

“Composer Adrian Konarski, a highly regarded musician for films, theater and concert in his native Poland, provides a sumptuously classical composition, rich in melancholy while still circulating with a glimpse of hope for the troubled character.”

“A well done score. It has a certain level of loveliness with a strong piano presence, that ties it into a grand release and holds your interest throughout.”
Six Strings

“The Welts, which opens the album, is full of bright romance with a delicate orchestration. The other scores are showing the same sensitivity but are quite different in style. Congratulations to Caldera for another strong album!”

“I cannot recommend this release enough or tell you how much I love it, it is one of those releases that comes along when you are not expecting it and completely blows you away, please go and buy this asap.”
Movie Music International

“This is a beautiful album and Konarski delivers some incredibly moving themes.”

“Caldera Records continues to build a fantastic reputation of finding hidden gems past and present for us to enjoy. The Welts is a wonderful score by Adrian Konarski, it’s such a delicately handled narrative that explores character emotions on the surface as well as deeper. Which is great, because we are learning about our protagonist and who he is currently, and then move deeper to learn what he went through in his past. This album offers some other music from Konarski’s other scores, so we get a nice sampling of what he offers as a composer. If you’re looking for a pure unfiltered musical voice that hasn’t been corrupted by Hollywood temp tracks, The Welts is worth your while.”

“A dramatic and romantic soundtrack with emphasis on the piano which is used to express the inner voice of the protagonist: his desolation and despair, but also his desire for liberation and his need for reconciliation are described in the music. The moving music is very rich in its expressions.”

“Konarski’s music is wonderful, full of European flair. This album serves as a great introduction to this composer, who I personally had not heard of before. I now look forward to hearing more Konarski in future.”

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