Wild Geese II

Music by Roy Budd
Produced by Stephan Eicke

“When a independent label such as Caldera Records get the chance to release a score to a film, like “WILD GEESE II” by well-known late great composer Roy Budd… you better believe that is a very great release. I am thrilled it’s here and being able to share the news with you, it’s classic 80′s sound, just what you would imagine it would be… though it goes a little further in it’s power and intrigue. BRAVO!”

“With groovy 70′s jazz, Roy Budd does something new with war movie music. The main title sets the tone and is totally exhilarating. The rest of the score is very rhythmic and portrays some bravery that will delight your ears. Too bad the score is so short. This is great film music that we don’t hear anymore.”

“The composer keeps the action of the previous film in a score with remarkable main theme. It is a vintage score (…) – and it is wonderful.”

“At last WILD GEESE 2 has been issued on to compact disc, not only is this a fantastic action score, but it is issued on a label that I have much admiration for, CALDERA. The productions values on the release are amazing, the sound is so clear and full, so crisp and fresh, another big pat on the back for CALDERA and another thank you for bringing us this wonderful score.”
John Mansell

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